Our Philosophy

Better experiences for better outcomes

We improve the customer experience for our clients and their businesses by leveraging immersive technologies now available using highly creative applications with clear functional benefits. 

Pre-built platforms

We remove upfront cost barriers for our clients as our AR platforms are pre-built and thus can be simply licenced on a monthly basis, allowing the focus to be on the customer experience. 

Measured for Optimization

We actively monitor and measure both the customer experience and the business outcomes for our clients to allow us to optimize customer experiences over time to drive better results. 

Our People

Jason Buckley, ACA

President and CEO

Jason has been leading major global creative and marketing organisations across Asia Pacific for over 15 years.  At his last CEO role in a major global advertising agency, he helped transform the business to be one of the top 5 most innovative businesses in Australia as ranked by BRW Magazine. Most recently he has been developing his own businesses across Asia Pacific in marketing, AI, AR, and business consulting which directed him to Augmented Agency and the UGARA Group.  

His long history in identifying and driving business growth through creativity and innovation came with his foundation in Chartered Accounting and Business Advisory along with decades of experience in creative industries advising a broad range of clients from commercial strategy, to product development and activations.  His unique combination of business strategy, marketing strategy, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit allows him to drive innovative commercial outcomes for clients.  Jason see’s AR becoming the most effective and engaging channel to personalize physical and digital exchanges that will increasingly occur in our everyday life.   

Romilly Blackburn


A well experienced technology orientated product and marketing executive, Romilly has founded 4 companies that have generated $100M+ in sales. His enduring interest is in the power of communication to deepen relationships between businesses and people. With diverse C-level experience from product/market fit, go-to-market strategy to market establishment and expansion, Romilly has worked internationally in high growth businesses in Asia Pacific and North American markets. 

As an operator from startup to scaleup, his experience encompasses 15+ years of board experience, capital raising, and corporate and business development. His focus at Augmented Agency is applying multiple technologies to drive high engagement customer experience for better business outcomes for our clients. 

Jimmy Liang

Asia Pacific CEO

Jimmy is a well-versed leader, entrepreneur and manager with clear track records in marketing, communications consultancy and advertising industries.  With long tenure and experiences in various roles with multinational creative agencies and Greater China media platforms, he in his last job as founding CEO and Partner helped the most accoladed European independent communication group to establish operations and set foot in Asia by providing strong leadership and guidance in change management, integrated marketing, creativity and technology transformation.  

Jimmy was named as a worldwide agency innovator in 2006 by inter-national-ist magazine (www.inter-national-ist.com) for having developed very unconventional ideas and approaches solving clients’ business problems in a rapidly changing market environment. 

Trevor Reynolds


Trevor is a private investor and wealth manager working with HNWI and start-ups for over 25 years.  His experience in financial strategy and management for businesses, including providing clients professional advice to guide wealth creation, has touched many categories of investment including banking, property, technology, and luxury goods.  

With experience from London, to Tokyo, to Australia his expertise includes Debt and equity capital raising,  Structured debt arrangements and direct business investments along with commercial leadership of a number of start-ups and businesses across Asia.  Trevor is mostly based in Japan and Australia.